While Fatou and I are completing our internship at WLAC, our roommates Ashley and Sonia are at Equality for Growth (EfG), an organization that strives to improve women’s participation in the informal marketplace across Tanzania. When we buy rice, produce, or even have clothes tailored it isn’t uncommon to see EfG signs, which are used […]

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A Love Story

The eternal bond between a girl and her kitenge Once upon a time, in a faraway land, there was a girl much like all the other girls in her village.  She differed however, in the way in which she experienced the physical world.  Indeed, her entire life she found herself colder than most.   In the […]

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B Goes in the Field

Two weeks ago, I was able to go on one of WLAC’s Mobile Legal Aid Clinics, whereby WLAC Lawyers and Law Interns go to remote areas of Tanzania in order to provide communities in hard to reach areas with legal aid; services often inaccessible to these populations due their geographical, social, and/or economic locus. After […]

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CATS (and other life forms)

One of my favourite pastimes is greeting cats on my way to and from my destination.  Thus, having lived in Halifax where adorable, friendly and cuddly cats roam nearly every residential street was highly enjoyable.  Sadly, I am unable to participate in casual cat interactions in Tanzania, despite there being just as many cats here […]

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Gender Equality Cross-Culturally

In my second year at university, I took a course called Comparative Perspectives on Gender.  While I don’t remember the exact lecture, topic or article that acted as a catalyst (indeed, if I did remember it would serve as a much more captivating ‘hook’ to this blog post) I do remember that it was this […]

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Spending the Holidays Abroad

As I return to work this week after a glorious three week holiday, I am in a constant state of reflection and happiness.  This has been, by far, the best holiday break I have yet to experience.  Typically, my winter vacation consists of me binge eating decadent cheese and wine, exploring my mother’s vast fridge/freezer, […]

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 Closing in on three months

It feels like just yesterday I was sitting in my living room using my ironing board as a makeshift desk to write a blog post about the 2015 General Elections.  The speed at which time appears to be moving bewilders me.  As I approach the halfway mark of my journey here in Tanzania, I am […]

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